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Why you should get a Pre-Listing or Sale Marine Survey

There’s something different about a boat. We don’t name our house, and most people don’t name their car, but we all have loving names for our boats. That bond we share with our vessel is more like a family member than a tool, and because of that bond we tend to let our emotions override our brains when we consider their flaws. It’s because of this trait that with time our eyes ‘gloss over’ the imperfections and issues that we don’t consider major and with time we won’t even see them at all. Sometimes owners are skilled craftsmen in their selected field and perform perfectly functional upgrades that don’t quite meet ABYC Marine Standards of best practice. This is where hiring a qualified Marine Surveyor to inspect your vessel can save you significant stress and expensive renegotiation after a Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Survey of your yacht by identifying these problems BEFORE the boat goes to its final Survey.

As an ABYC Standards Certified Marine Consultant I will inspect your vessel to the Federally required United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) standards as well as the ABYC industry standard ‘Best Marine Practices’. The next surveyor will probably find these also, so let me tell you about them first so that you can remedy the deficiencies BEFORE a buyer is hearing about these problems from the other surveyor and reconsidering his decision to purchase. A broker can be a great asset in helping you to prepare your vessel for sale, but they don’t usually have the same critical eye, knowledge of the regulations, and experience at identifying known problem areas.

When you get a Pre-Listing & Sale Marine Survey from Andy Lowe Marine Surveying you will get a professional Survey Report with pictures of significant deficiencies as well as citing the discrepancies in the CFR and ABYC codes. This survey costs less than a full Pre-Purchase survey as it will normally not include an out-of-water portion or a sea trial/limited trial run. This is NOT a survey acceptable for insurance, this is a report generated just for you to be able to bring your vessel up to top condition prior to it’s full and formal survey at the time of the sale.

Call today to schedule your Pre-Listing and Sale Survey with Andy Lowe Marine Surveying and get them most money possible for the sale of your yacht! 352-535-5172

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